Examples of workshops

Please note that the hollistic Vibe Success Mindset method allows you to define a tailor-made accompaniment via a preliminary analysis.


Trusted Advisor

Develop your “Gravitas” by positioning yourself at C-level / General Management.

Thanks to this support, you’ll be able to address high-level contacts with confidence and credibility.

Transcribe this workshop into a key contact preparation sheet.


Feet in the ground, head in the stars

Leverage your vision and intuition to better develop and live your projects.

With this yoga workshop, work on stretching, yoga postures, breathing and meditation to achieve a state of anchorage and elevation.


Sources of power

Overcome your limiting beliefs and develop your self-confidence.

What is fear and how can we overcome it? How to manage and use stress? How can I boost my self-confidence?


Boost your meeting

Prepare your meeting by leveraging neuroscience.

Why does visualization help you mobilize your energies just before a meeting?

How can you use emotion to persuade your audience?

How to use mirror neurons to transmit the right energy?

Transcribe this workshop with a preparation checklist.


Chess, I love you

Apprehend failure positively as a path that leads to victory.

How to deal positively with failure?

How can you learn from past mistakes?
How do you seek continuous improvement?

Transcribe this workshop into a managerial routine with your team.


Focus Focus

Strengthen your concentration and organization.

Why does better concentration lead to better performance (and more happiness)?

What are the ways to strengthen your focus (relaxation, breathing, analysis of priorities, value of actions, etc.)?

Transcribe this workshop with an improved agenda and the mastery of reflexes for better action.


Vision & Values

Create, refine and share the vision and values associated with your mission.

Why does a vision enable us to go further, stronger?
How to articulate a “Gold, Silver, Bronze” Vision?
Values that give value

Transcribe this workshop with ad hoc communication (and actions) within your company.


Optimism: a little, a lot, madly?

Leverage the optimistic posture for better performance.

What’s the difference between optimism and pessimism?

How optimistic can you be?


Qi Gong

Take part in a qi gong workshop, a discipline aimed at mastering the breath, or vital energy.

Qi gong trains concentration and reinforces body control through a variety of movements, the maintenance of still postures, stretching and moments of visualization.

Its aim is to achieve physical and mental harmony.


Dancing with your shadow

Dare to understand your blockages so you can accept them, live with them and free up all the energy you need for your projects.

How to learn to let go of control (based on fear) and move into mastery (based on trust), so as to optimize our ability to work effectively, whatever the source of conflict.


Develop your intuition

Come discover and explore the riches of this new form of intelligence at work.

This intelligence brings many benefits to the world of work: discernment, creativity, meaning, appeasement, cohesion, but also efficiency.


Before, During, After

Tackle all the steps involved in a high-stakes event (meeting, presentation, negotiation, etc.).

With this multi-workshop program, you can prepare yourself, optimize your execution, and learn how to get the most out of your performance.


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