The experts

Our team of experts intervenes after the diagnostic and recommendation phases, when the mission is designed and deployed. Once the diagnostic phase has enabled you to take stock of your situation, it’s time to move on from global analysis to specific expertise. From the initial check-up, depending on your needs, each expert intervenes precisely in his or her field of expertise. In all cases, all our experts are linked by this same human approach, favoring an authentic, personalized and coherent path.

Virgil Benyayer

Consultant & speaker

After 10 years’ experience as a Sales and Marketing Manager in the BtoB sector, Virgil founded Retorika 10 years ago to improve his customers’ performance in sales leadership and development, in France and internationally. With Vibe, Virgil helps you develop your Mindset, to maximize your energy and that of your organization.

Joanna Ventura

Coach & psychoanalyst

After a career in HR management in a variety of sectors (industry, service, luxury), Joanna works as an executive coach with senior executives and management committees. Joanna supports managers in their professional transition (outplacement). She also accompanies organizational transformations and works to overcome human and behavioral resistance.


Consultant & speaker

A former Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer in various international groups, Jacques was responsible for investments and now leads workshops on this topic in English and French. Harvard Executive MBA.

Jacques can help you develop the posture needed to be legitimate and convince a C-level, develop a Trusted Advisor posture and win his confidence.

amaury de mentque


Amaury de Mentque is a Senior Business Executive with strong expertise in Strategic Sales and Sales Management.
An entrepreneur at heart, he sits on several boards of directors and advises start-ups on their strategies and negotiations.

A leader and a human being, Amaury can support you as a coach or mentor.


Yoga teacher

With extensive experience in various yoga practices (Vinyasa/Hatha Flow, Yin, Hormone Yoga, Nidra, meditation, Psych-K), Kathy has developed her own method.
She accompanies you in your search for balance and well-being for better mental and physical health. With it, clear away your limiting beliefs and give yourself fully by raising your state of consciousness.

Guillaume Hassler


A former clinical research executive, Guillaume has now turned his attention to therapeutic support. He is an expert in hypnosis, sofrology, Qi Gong and meditation. Guillaume accompanies you in your alignment, your uniqueness and body-mind harmony.


Physical and mental trainer

A graduate of the ESCP business school, Erwan has worked at Dexia, Crédit Foncier and DLL, financing projects in urban planning, regional development, and the growth of SMEs in the construction and transport sectors. Passionate about extreme and atypical sports, he practices the Iron Man and the Ultra Trail. Erwan can help you prepare physically and mentally for your professional challenges.

LARRY Vickers

Choreographer and coach

After a career as a choreographer in France and the US (Shirley McLane, Whoopy Goldberg, Eddy Murphy, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Dalila, Moulin Rouge, Image de la Mode), Larry is involved in various artistic initiatives and renowned creations. Larry accompanies you in expressing your body language and the radiance of your personality.


Qualiopi (training courses)
Multidisciplinary hypnosis (Ecole Centrale d’Hypnose)
Qi Gong (Shen and Daisy Lee School)
Meditation teacher’s certificate (IPHM)
Sophrology (Formalis)
Professional Coaching (Ecole des Psychologues Praticiens)
Psychoanalysis (EFPP)
Yoga: Yin – Biff Mithoefer, Hatha flow and Vinyasa – Chris Nelson, Ashtanga – Charley Bensusen
Yoga of the Face – Nathalie Dendura, Yoga of Sound – Valentina Duna

Psych-K 1&2 – Victoire Slakey

"Thanks to the work I've been able to do with Virgil Benyayer, I've been able to approach my role as a leader differently, and ask myself constructive questions about my activity, to better align it with what really matters to me in terms of vision and values. This work enabled me to rethink my relationships with my teams, to find myself and make decisions that were clearer and more faithful to who I am. Thanks to this mental coaching, I can now look to the future with fresh eyes.

A. L Real estate agency manager

"I had just suffered a burn-out and found myself in a confusing and difficult personal situation, no longer knowing where my steps were leading me. From the very first session, Guillaume was able to perceive with great precision the reasons that were leading me and "shake me up" nicely thanks to his listening skills, his benevolence and his simple, gentle and terribly effective therapeutic approach. Hypnotherapy was a real discovery for me. It allows us to see ourselves differently, to face up to our fears, blockages and obstacles without needing to resort to pointless explanations. It calls on the patient's imagination through simple techniques that immediately enable them to expand their field of consciousness, draw on their resources and find solutions. In just a few sessions, I was able to make the change I was no longer in a position to make. It's a true reconnection with yourself and your environment. Another point of view is always possible, and it was Guillaume who helped me to face up to this simple fact and make the most of it. Since then, a line has been drawn, projects have been launched and I've been energized. "


"Thanks to the sessions with Virgil, I've been able to work on the way I react differently to situations: whereas stress used to paralyze me, now I use it to mobilize my energies! In the same way, when I screw up on a file, I don't feel sorry for myself, but try to take advantage of it to rectify the situation the next time".


"It's been great because we've learned to focus more on key issues and on the actions that are important! We've also realized that we need to protect ourselves to sail better in the middle of the storm.


"We've reviewed the way we operate our 1to1s and team meetings. Before, it was structured, but not original, and above all, the mental aspect wasn't part of the scheme. Now there's a specific time dedicated to it, it's concrete, we can follow it up and the teams appreciate it!"