Integrate mental and behavioral dimensions into your project to give yourself the means to succeed. With the innovative Vibe method, based on 10 key criteria, and our approach incorporating a therapeutic dimension, we’re at your collective’s side to help you exceed your limits and achieve your wildest goals.

“The company is a legal entity (itself made up of individuals), and like any person it has its neuroses. The environment has been turned upside down (telecommuting, social distancing, artificial intelligence, loss of reference points) and this change means we have to adapt beyond the techniques and processes already in place for your collective.

Having worked for many years with hundreds of management and field teams over the past 10 years in France and many other countries – I’ve become convinced that it’s our energy, who we are and what you convey in our verbal language and body language, that enables us to win. Our behaviors, born of our thoughts and emotions, reflect who we are, our vision of relationships and the way in which we wish to contribute our value.

That’s why we’ve developed a specific method to help you identify the dimensions you need to develop and strengthen to help you succeed, while embodying a certain idea of freedom and difference.

Let’s not just work on our areas for improvement, let’s turn our weaknesses into strengths, because our sensitivities and asperities are our wealth….

Thanks to their specific skills, the experts on the Vibe team work within a personalized, dynamic program to achieve incremental performance. As in a “mental strength clinic”, you first have a complete check-up, before progressing via an ad hoc pathway to take care of the “organs” to be worked on with the best specialists. Vibe is all about the power of the mind, on the business side, and not about sports or well-being, as so many players in this niche do, because the springs of success are different, at both individual and organizational levels.

Clarify your ambition, give yourself the means to achieve it, and develop the mindset to bring your success to life.

Founder of RETORIKA – VIBE

Consultant & speaker

Coach & psychoanalyst

Speaker & trainer

Hypnotherapist & sophrologist

"After 10 years of close collaboration with Virgil Benyayer, I highly recommend his approach dedicated to the mind and I support him in this adventure which will enable many professionals to improve their performance by working on their posture and state of mind."

Michael AGUILAR Expert speaker on sales and motivation


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