What risks are you prepared to take?

The young Canadian climber, Marc-André Leclerc, like some of his rare companions, achieves breathtaking climbs, solo and without rope! The extraordinary documentary “L’alpiniste” was made about this extraordinary man.

The risk is real, and deadly (avalanches, poor anchoring, etc.), as illustrated by some tragic falls (I’d rather not tell you the end of the documentary).

Marc-André teaches us how to interpret mountain signals (the solidity of the rock or snow, the weather, sounds, wind, etc.), so that we can move forward as “carefully as possible”.

Climbers of this calibre say that these sensations make them feel alive. Without this danger, the performance would be far less exciting.

Moreover, failure and success go hand in hand. As former GE boss Jack Welch once said, “Introduce me to someone who has never failed, and I’ll introduce you to someone who has never tried anything.”

“Introduce me to someone who has never failed and I’ll introduce you to someone who has never tried anything.”

Without going to the extremes of some mountaineers, it nevertheless makes you think about the “reasonable” risks you can take (or not 😉

To what extent do you take the sometimes perilous initiative to perform better or realize your dreams?

What market or economic signals do you take into account?

How do you address new opportunities to achieve success?

How are you planning to develop your products and services?

What reconversions tempt you, and would you be ready to make them a reality?

What new types of relationships are you ready to develop?

But how do you also judge that the limits have been reached, and that to go any further would be sheer madness?