Drawing inspiration from Norman Foster to go even further

Norman Foster, the English architect of genius, is an inspiration for continuous improvement. After building innovative structures (Millau Viaduct, London City Hall and Millennium Bridge, airports in Stansted and Honk Kong, etc.), he was diagnosed with an illness with little time left to live. Not only will it thwart the forecasts, but it will also take the opportunity to rethink all its achievements: if I had to do it all over again, what could I improve? what can I do better?

According to Norman Foster, to be alive is also to have the ability to positively question oneself. Once you’ve completed a project or achieved a goal, you can go even further, precisely on the basis of what you’ve already succeeded in doing, and do it even better.

“You can always go one step further. And if you don’t, you haven’t learned from your previous projects.”

And you :
– when you think back to your last project, what could you have changed?
– when you think about the last business case you handled, how could you have improved your performance?
– when you think of your last interaction with your team, what area of management could you have developed further?