Losing... and finding your way

Raised in Queens in the 70s, Michael Bentt was forced by his father to become a heavyweight boxer. With a career littered with setbacks, he has known defeat as well as success, including 4 Golden Gloves and 5 national championship titles. In the midst of this roller-coaster ride, he went on to win the WBO world title in 1993 against Tommy Morrison. But he lost it immediately…by KO.

“That knockout by Herbie Hide was the best thing that ever happened to me,” he says.

This was to be the end of the first part of his life, and it was in coaching stars in LA that he was to retrain and find himself, bringing the best of himself to others. Among others, Michael Mann and Clint Eastwood hired him as a consultant. He wrote plays and also became an actor.

For those interested, the episode “Miscast Champion” of the Netflix series Losers will tell you all about it.

“Sometimes it takes a long time to learn to play like yourself”.

Miles Davis

And you, what were the defeats that, far from knocking you out for good, enabled you to reveal yourself better afterwards?
What decisive moments, sometimes painful at the time, have enabled you to reorient yourself in your activity, your job or in your projects?